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Love From Our Clients

We have over 175 five-star reviews on The Knot if you want to visit our page HERE

"Hands down the best decision I made was hiring Tessa to guide our wedding planning process. From my first conversation, I knew immediately that I had found someone very special; I knew I had not only met the most amazing wedding planner, I also knew I had made a lifelong friend. From day one, Tessa provided me with a wealth of knowledge and support and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process.
Tessa is the crème de la crème of Los Angeles best wedding planners. She is experienced, capable, honest, reliable and hard working. She has extremely fabulous taste, is kind and loving. I felt as though I was planning my wedding alongside someone I had known for many years. As a perfectionist myself and a bit of a control freak, Tessa seamlessly guided me through the most incredible planning experience. She provided a detailed timeline that clearly explained roles, expectations and deadlines. She worked alongside my fiancé and I to create a budget, hire & interview vendors, plan intricate details and execute the perfect day! She attended countless meetings, arranged hotel blocks, transportation and facilitated all communication between our vendors and our venue. She provided advice, helped handle any sources of potential drama or headache and made the process enjoyable. I had prompt response to any questions and calls and emails never went unanswered. 
Tessa and her team gave us the most amazing gift by allowing us to relax and enjoy the company of each-other, our families and friends, this is invaluable. If something didn't go as planned, I would have never known. Tessa was organized and prepared for pretty much anything. If we could replicate our wedding day over and over, we'd have Tessa alongside us every single time! I can't recommend her highly enough and feel confident that anyone who hires her will feel the same amount of gratitude and appreciation that we feel today!"   - Jenn and Antonio

"I had always envisioned my wedding to be beautiful. But what Tessa helped me create… left myself, my husband and our guests absolutely speechless. I just had my wedding last Friday, and I ‘m still playing the night over and over in my head. I’m in awe of every little detail and so very impressed with how incredibly perfect the entire night was executed. We didn’t skip a beat … from white silks hanging in trees, to wine barrels showered with cascading ivory flower’s the ceremony was a picturesque scene out of a fairy tale. And Tessa didn't stop there. Our reception pulled out all of the stops. From a cigar bar, to a photo booth, a sweets station to lawn games, we had it all. Even our ivory laced runners, perfectly placed flower’s and candle lit centerpieces were nothing short from perfect. The entire night seemed to be pulled from pictures you would expect to see in magazines. Tessa was the best decision I’ve ever made. I got my dream wedding. And a lifetime of memories to keep me smiling for the rest of my days."  - Lindsay and Alex

We worked with the senior coordinator team at Tessa Lyn Events.  I am so happy I chose Kathryn as my wedding planner. She made planning easy and fun. I didn't really know where to begin and didn't have a clear vision, but she helped me break down the process and develop my dream wedding. My husband and I are so happy - thank you! - Caroline

"I would like to take a minute to convey the profound gratitude I have for the incredible job Tessa did on our special day. I could have never asked for a better wedding day and I know things never would have gone so perfectly without Tessa. I do not generally feel comfortable trusting anyone with overseeing and executing anything important to me, as I have extremely high expectations and have historically been disappointed in the effort and attention to detail that others give relative to what I would do myself or what I would expect from them; Tessa exceeded even my loftiest of expectations. There was never even a moment on our wedding day when I had a shred of doubt or anxiety about Tessa’s ability to execute the event flawlessly, which she did. Tessa could not have been more organized, focused or attentive. The confidence she instilled meant that I could focus on being in the moment the entire day (and not have to worry about my wife stressing out because I knew she would be there for her), and for that I can never thank her enough." - Jessica and Daniel


"Tessa was an invaluable part of our wedding planning and I highly recommend her services to any bride, groom or couple planning a wedding.  We hired Tessa after selecting our venue, about 9 months prior to the big day. We had no idea which vendors to use and trust, which elements of planning were most important or most urgent, or where to proceed. The hundreds of wedding magazines and articles we read all had cautionary tales and conflicting information. Tessa came in and streamlined our approach, recommended trusted vendors she had worked with in the past, met with the vendors with us, negotiated favorable rates, and helped plan all of the little details of our wedding that made it warm and memorable. We were happy with all of our vendors, and we came in under budget.  Tessa is a professional who cares about the quality of the event and not only the wedding day experience, but also the planning experience. She makes everything enjoyable and memorable. We are so glad we went with Tessa!"  - Amanda and Mark

I worked with Kathryn from Tessa Lyn Events to plan my spring wedding in Malibu. She was so attentive and organized throughout the entire process, offering ideas and solutions at every turn. My wedding was beautiful, it went off without a hitch and my husband and I are forever thankful for her.  - Angie

"Tessa was simply a dream come true. We worked together for 7 months planning my wedding. I was living on the east coast when I began looking for a planner and the moment I called Tessa, I knew she was the one. She offered venue ideas and even came to meet my fiancé and I at a venue even before we even hired her. After I moved to LA, and during the chaos of transitioning to a new city, a new job and planning a wedding, Tessa kept me on track during one of the busiest and stressful times in my life. 
Tessa’s style and taste is impeccable so her recommendations of vendors and other ideas were top-notch quality. She sent emails daily to keep me posted on all the details of the wedding and even responded on her days off. In short, she was extremely professional and responsive. 
We had an Indian Catholic ceremony with 190 people flying in from the east coast, and with many moving parts, Tessa managed the ceremony seamlessly. Any hiccups in timing were dealt with effectively; we did not have to worry about a thing. Tessa’s personality is so lovely but she is not afraid to be assertive when needed and when dealing with my guests from New York/New Jersey, this was needed! I am going to miss planning with Tessa and our daily emails. She truly made my wedding planning so fun and exciting. This turned out to be the best day of our lives and Tessa was one of the major reasons why. I would unconditionally recommend Tessa to any bride out there! She is worth every penny!"

- Jerine and Roy

"We can’t thank Tessa enough for her amazing hard work and attention to detail throughout the process of planning our beautiful wedding! She helped us find the most amazing venue and florist, among other vendors that enhanced our dream vision for the day.   She is great at budget, organization, and schedule and we felt so comfortable just hanging out with her during the planning process as well as completely taken care of on our most important day! What a wonderful person and planner with great style and charisma, we can’t be happier and more grateful to have worked with her and her wonderful team! We know she will plan many more incredible weddings in the future, and just how lucky those couples will be" xoxo Anna and Skylar


"Tessa was an absolute pleasure to work with! She is so dedicated, extremely organized, and truly cares about making your special day, absolutely perfect! From the very beginning, she really listened to me and understood my vision, and boy did she help execute it!   She was right by my side the entire way- at vendor appointments and phone calls, flower mock ups and venue meetings- and she always made sure to ask the right questions and get the right things accomplished. She was so wonderful about communicating with us and always keeping us up to date on what needed to be done and what had been taken care of. She helped me so much through this whole process, and she truly made it so enjoyable! I can't thank her enough for helping to make my day so amazing, and making sure everything ran smoothly. 
My wedding was an absolute dream, and I owe a whole LOT of that to Tessa! Whether you need someone from start to finish, or just for the day of, I highly recommend Tessa. You will not be disappointed!!  Thank you Tessa!"  - Kasey


"Tessa was amazing to work with! My only regret is not bringing her in to help with our wedding sooner! We had a 250 person wedding and an interfaith ceremony (Jewish/Catholic), and three different bands, so there were a lot of moving parts, but Tessa jumped right in and really brought everything together and made the wedding a reality. 
Since this was an interfaith wedding, we had two officiants at our wedding and they sort of took our ceremony and ran with it--making it an hour long instead of 35 minutes. I was very displeased (to put it lightly), but Tessa worked her magic and kept everything on time with no overtime from the vendors. I have no idea how she did that but she did and the reception was perfect.   We also had an "out of towners" event at a movie theater the night before which was about 140 people with food trucks, a video, bar service, etc and I truly believe the night just would not have happened if Tessa hadn't been there.  One last thing, I actually had a small freak out the week of the wedding, so I called her to say, "There's so much going on, I don't know how to keep it all straight, everything is fine, right? Is there something I need to be worrying about??" She told me it was all taken care of, everything was moving along just fine and not to worry. That actually really helped since I had relatives and friends from out of town who were demanding my attention, so I really couldn't focus on vendors and their questions. She took care of all of that and definitely helped ease my nerves. She really goes above and beyond and definitely understands the pressure of a wedding and how hard it can be on a bride and/or groom.  In conclusion, we loved her. Our family and friends loved her. She's great :-)" - Natalie 


“Tessa is the best Wedding Planner in Los Angeles. Period. Take our word for it. You will not be disappointed unless you seek mediocrity, fake, or someone that prefers kissing your pretty bride booty. If that’s what you want, she might be able to do that too. But in our case, celebrating the evening for us was paramount, but also entertaining friends and family in a graceful/refining manner. Tessa executes this in a profound manner and professional approach. I write this review jointly with my bride and me as Groomzilla. She gets it done effortlessly without a hitch where everyone involved in the wedding knows their role, timing, and schedule. From beginning to end, every person with a key role commented to us how thankful they were for Tessa’s sharp attention to detail and time. She works with you to create a timeline that is customized to what you envision. I cannot say enough great things about Tessa and the care/thought she puts into everything she does. We interviewed several wedding planners until we found the perfect one. Do yourself a favor and hire Tessa whether it’s day of or entire wedding planning. She is kind, assertive, responsive, and not to mention amazing! Thank you Tessa for making our day even more special!!” – Vanessa and Ryan


"Tessa, owner of Tessa Lyn Events, was our wedding coordinator and was amazing! I truly mean it when we say that we would not have had such a flawless wedding without her and her assistant. Tessa ensured that all of the details of each event (ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing) were executed according to our grand vision. Tessa arrived in Palm Springs the day before the wedding for the rehearsal and got the entire wedding party up to speed on the logistics of the ceremony. She arrived early on the wedding day to keep both the girls and guys on schedule, and made sure all of the vendors delivered and set up as planned. The timeline was adhered to down to the minute and everything ran smoothly. We cannot imagine the wedding without Tessa and her amazing services. We received so many compliments from guests that said it was one of the best wedding’s they’ve been to, and we can attribute this to how Tessa seamlessly she kept the events flowing. She’s a wonderful person to work with and I’m looking forward to referring her to everyone I know that’s getting married!"  

- Ashley and Jerry


"Best Coordinator EV-ER!   Looking back at our wedding, the best decision my husband and I made was hiring Tessa as our coordinator. From the moment we first met her, she was dialed in. Wedding planning can be a bit daunting sometimes and as a designer, I wanted everything to be just right. After any important decisions were made the first thing we would do was email Tessa the details. She is extremely organized, and a very good leader. Every couple of days for the months leading up to the wedding, she would remind us of the important tasks that needed to be completed. When our big day arrived we were confident, relaxed and ready for what turned out to be the best day of our lives! Absolutely nothing fell through the cracks and that was all credit to her. Thank you Tessa!!! We couldn't imagine having done it without you."  Xo -  Paige 


"Tessa did an amazing job helping me with my wedding. She went above and beyond on every detail. I'm in sales and consider myself a great negotiator but it’s hard to negotiate when you don't know what is negotiable. Tessa came with me to Palm Springs to price out venues and was able to get me a better deal than I could have done myself. I was blown away. Leading up to the wedding she had lists for me to keep me on task and was a great sounding board for my many questions. The day of was wonderful because I didn't have to do a thing. Everything was taken care of. She has a great demeanor, that makes everyone from family to vendors feel comfortable. I would highly recommend her."  - Lisa and Chris


"We worked with Tessa Brand at Tessa Lyn Events for more than a year to plan our wedding. She was involved from the very beginning and was invaluable in helping us find our amazing venue and all of our vendors. Her knowledge was top notch and she always steered us in the right direction as we were more than pleased with the work of everyone at our wedding. I also found the cost of her fee to be completely counterbalanced as she helped negotiate with vendors and save us money in ways I know that we would not have been able to on our own. After the initial vendors were chosen, Tessa stayed in very close contact with us and helped every step of the way. She provided continual direction with the ever changing budget.  With her help we managed to not only stay on track, but ended up being under budget, which was a very pleasant surprise. She also gave us great guidance as we made every decision and helped us change our minds about some things that might have made things not run as smoothly.  When we finally got to the wedding weekend, her day-of coordination was beyond expectation. We did many DIY things that we chose to make and needed to be handled, which caused a lot of stress leading up to the wedding. However, as soon as the rehearsal started, all of that went away because I knew that Tessa was there to manage everything. This truly allowed me to enjoy every single part of the weekend without being worried and I only feel like the most happy girl in the world. Several people commented at the Friday night party that I was one of the least stressed brides they have ever seen and that was all due to knowing that Tessa was there for me.  The wedding ran completely smoothly and everything was right on track in regards to timing because of Tessa's coordination. The timeline she created was perfect and if there were any big were any problems that day, I have no idea because she handled it all without us knowing.  Beyond Tessa's expertise in wedding coordination, her kind, fun and wonderful demeanor made the entire year and experience a joy as I loved dealing with her and all the time I got to spend with her doing things such as finding our venue and having meetings to work out the details. We have discussed many times that one of the best decisions we made about our wedding was hiring Tessa Lyn Events and I urge anyone and everyone that is in her vicinity to do the same. You won't be sorry."  - Stacey


“One of the best days of planning my wedding was when we hired Tessa. My husband actually says that hiring Tessa was the best decision we made during the whole process! Tessa held an initial meeting with me and asked a lot of questions so that she could document absolutely every detail and set a work plan to assure my hopes/dreams for my perfect day were met. When I was unsure of decisions, she was always quick to provide valuable advice and had a great list of vendors for me to chose from. I appreciated her guidance on outlining my budget, setting up vendor meetings and negotiating contracts. Tessa quickly learned how I operated best and, as a result, she was able to take the lead on tasks that I absolutely didn't want to do, which allowed me the time to focus on what was most important to me for my wedding. I am so appreciative of how easy Tessa was to get a hold of and how she never left me hanging. This was especially a great quality as I entered the crazy mode just before the wedding. In the end, all of Tessa's hard work really paid off; I was cool as a cucumber the day of my wedding knowing that Tessa and her team were in complete control. Justin and I thank her from the bottom of our hearts and cannot recommend her enough to future brides and grooms!” – Stephanie and Justin


"As an event planner myself, I was very nervous about hiring someone to help with my wedding. Tessa was nothing short of incredible! We had our wedding at a private home and provided us with some challenging logistics. She supervised the installation of a full kitchen in the back yard and the covering of a pool for our ceremony site/dance floor, as well as the load-in and out of everything else. She worked with the home owner, vendors and staff to ensure a smooth event. She paid attention to every detail big and small. The night was everything we dreamed of and more -- truly magical. Tessa was a HUGE part of making that happen. We could not be happier!" - Jenn and Daniel


"I couldn't have chosen a more organized, resourceful, tactful, and detail-oriented wedding coordinator.  It has been a pleasure to work with Tessa Lyn Events.  Tessa is the light at the end of the tunnel that sees the big picture and keeps a smile on my face and planning stresses off my mind.  A million thank you's for her immediate attentiveness to my sometimes late night or early morning freak-outs and questions.  She went above and beyond my needs.  The best decision I made as having Tessa as my coordinator."  -Nicohl


"I hired Tessa Lyn events 3 months before my wedding as I was starting to really stress out about how to pull all the final details together for my big day. I did the "silver package" as I had already hired all my vendors and really just needed help getting everything executed the day of the wedding.  Katie and Molly were fantastic to work with! During our first meeting, they walked me & my fiancé through the package and asked tons of great questions about what I had already done and what my vision was for the big day. They gave me a "nitty gritty details" planning worksheet that helped me think through literally every possible detail!! They accompanied me on my final venue walk through and asked great questions, and were very accessible by email and phone the whole month of the wedding. Tessa even took care of some details I didn't even realize needed to be done!! (e.g. My venue required insurance certificates from my other vendors, which I didn't know; Tessa collected and provided them all to the venue!). The day of the wedding went exactly how I had imagined it would go and all of the set-up at the reception venue was perfect and how I envisioned it! Katie and Molly had a great team there to assist her and they were really on top of everything the entire time! All my guests continue to tell me how much fun they had at my wedding and complement me on how well everything was done :) I would definitely recommend them for any bride that just wants to relax the day of her wedding and know there are great, reliable people running things in the background!" - Barbara and Jake

"Tessa Lyn Events made our big day go off without a hitch. We had a big formal wedding with a rooftop ceremony and reception in a ballroom several floors down.  She and her team were on point the entire day making sure every detail and every moving piece (and every guest) was in place.  From load-in to cocktail hour to reception to wrapping it all out at the end, Tessa was there making sure everything went as planned. And she did it all with joy, her gorgeous smile and a huge heart right from the start.  Her prep work and checklists were comprehensive and gave us a great guide pre-event. She was open to the unconventional elements we wanted and offered suggestions when we needed help.  Best thing we did having her on our team." - Frank

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